1. Dexterity is not used as a modifier to initiative
  2. A roll of natural 20 on an attack is considered to be a "critical hit". This counts as double damage. The die is then rolled again. If another consecutive natural 20 is rolled, the damage is once again doubled; if any other number is rolled, the hit counts as standard double damage. If a second natural 20 was rolled, the die is rolled again for one last time. If the roll is anything other than a natural 20, the damage is quadrupled; if the final roll is a natural 20, it results in an instant kill.
  3. Magic is considered to function on three distinct levels: Mortal Magic, Artifact-Level Magic, and Relic-Level Magic, with Relic-Level Magic being on the highest tier (on the level of the gods). (see Also Levels of Magic)
  4. While mages still have to declare spell memorization, clerics do not. Clerics may call out to their gods at any time for any spell within their spheres so long as they do not exceed their chart limits; they function on the mana system.
  5. Always round up.
  6. Any spell with Cure in the title is used with a +1 bonus.
  7. The books used for this campaign are the Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, and some parts of the Tome of Magic. No rules from the Player's Options books are allowed under any circumstances.
  8. When wielding a weapon in each hand, no more than one attack per round is permitted with the offhand unless the character is under the influence of a Haste spell or similar magic.
  9. You can move and then cast. However casting then moving is not permitted.
  10. No 10% XP bonus as stated in the php is given.
  11. Unconsious people do not get their spells back. Sleeping people do.


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